2019 Swim Schedule

2 Week Session

4 Lessons per Week
  • Apr 1 - Apr 11
  • Apr 15 - Apr 25
  • Apr 29 - May 9
  • May 13 - May 23
  • May 27 - Jun 6
  • Jun 10 - Jun 20
  • Jun 24 - Jul 4
  • Jul 8 - Jul 18
  • Jul 22 - Aug 1
  • Aug 5 - Aug 15

4 Week Session

2 Lessons per Week
MW or TTh
  • Apr 1 - Apr 25
  • Apr 29 - May 23
  • May 27 - Jun 20
  • Jun 24 - Jul 18
  • Jul 22 - Aug 15


Camp All Swim
Fridays  beginning May 31

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Water Walking

4 Week Session
  • Apr 1 - Apr 25
  • Apr 29 - May 23
  • May 27 - Jun 20
  • Jun 24 - Jul 18
  • Jul 22 - Aug 15

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What our swimmers have to say:

"I want to let you know how good your instructor is with children. Her gentle, soothing approach got both of our kids through the first day, so by Tuesday both of them were beaming! I am grateful for the way she helped the kids." Bill

"We wanted to tell you that Adam talks alot about you being proud of him. This is when he practices kicking or strokes at home or when he is in the pool. Basically, swimming accomplishments mean that Mom and Dad and Kay 'Be real proud!" We wanted you to know that you are a very important person in Adams' life! Thank you!!!" Bill

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Welcome to Kay's All Swim School   


For 45 years we have taught thousands of children to swim in a positive, warm, and protective environment. We know that respect and understanding within a structured lesson produces a safe and happy swimmer.

Why Kay's All Swim School? 
We are ALL about QUALITY in everything we do!

Our enclosed, chlorine-free, 100% UV protected pool is kept at 92 degrees to promote optimum body movement and to keep away the shivers!

Instructors at Kay's All Swim School are trained in our unique ALL-SWIM method and are committed to providing excellent personalized swim instruction for infants, children, and adults!

Why everyday lessons?

Our curriculum is based on Private Lessons everyday MTWTh.  Lessons are customized each day for each child with one-on-one instruction allowing for the maximum progress possible in the shortest amount of time. Movement skills like crawling, walking, and swimming are ingrained in a child's 'muscle memory' by repetition every day. From the beginning, swimmers are taught a strong foundational basis of buoyancy and breath control, proper stroke technique, and repeated corrected practice. Confidence comes with being prepared.

 2 Day a Week Private Lessons are offered to children 4 and older who are not beginning swimmers.

Learning to swim is not just another activity. It is a life-long life-saving skill.  Make the investment in your child's life!

When your child is ready to receive swim instruction and you want the very best, take them to Kay's!

New Mexico’s First Swim School!

  • Specifically designed for teaching
  • 3-½ to 4-½ feet deep
  • Water quality 600% above required standard
  • Enclosed 100% UV protected environment
  • Teaching stations - every child can touch bottom
  • Dressing rooms and deck showers
  • Wide step access into pool
  • Easy access into facility
  • Conveniently located

North America’s only environmentally friendly swim school!

By using a combination system of Hydrogen Peroxide, Ultra-Violet Light, & Super Filtration we keep the water clean and healthy for swimmers and the environment!

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE kills microorganisms by over oxidizing them with too much oxygen. Hydrogen peroxide is water and [read more]...

Top 10 reasons we go to Kay’s All Swim School (sent in by parents)!

  1. Warm Water! 100% UV-Protected Pool
  2. Working with children, instructors are qualified, patient, & talented
  3. Children grow in confidence & self-respect as lessons proceed
  4. All children are treated with respect
  5. Lessons are personalized to child's ability & willingness [read more]...