Questions and Policies

For the protection of swimmers and staff if you or your swimmer is sick, STAY AT HOME!
Come & go in swimsuits, ready to swim, (wrap & go).
Entrance through the front of the building and exit out the back gate, one-way traffic flow.
The facility has 24/7 fresh air ventilation.
Due to product availability pool will be sanitized with either hydrogen peroxide/UV or chlorine/uv.

The BEST place to be is in a pool!

How long does it take for a child to learn to swim?
Every child is an individual. Physical ability, motivation, age, lesson frequency and prior experience all factor into how quickly they learn. We recommend lessons 4 times per week and water activities as often as possible between lessons. Consistency is key.

How do I know when my child has taken enough lessons?
It is our recommendation that children — as well as adults — continue with swimming lessons until they are at least able to perform all the basic swimming strokes and are able to competently side-breathe.

When should my child learn to swim?
A child should be taught how to swim by the age of five for their own safety and self-esteem when swimming with peers. Group lessons with parent participation can begin as early as 5 months. Swim pants are required. Water activities enhance the baby's balance, strength, coordination and endurance as well as their concentration and sense of independence. Toddler lessons incorporate song and movement. Between age 2 and 3 the child proceeds to private lessons with an instructor.

Why private lessons?
One-on-one is simply the best way to teach a child to swim. Your child will receive 100% of the instructor's attention, skill and care. First lessons are times for "bonding" and we may ask parents to stay out of view for quicker results. Very soon you'll be watching your confident little one swim about from our comfy observation area. Older pre-schoolers and school age children who are accomplished swimmers can continue private lessons to enhance their abilities. Lessons are devoted to improving the four competitive swimming strokes and emphasizing proper technique, endurance and self-discipline. Racing and refinement lessons are also available for students who want to advance to competitive swimming.

Why 2 week sessions?
Our curriculum is based on Private Lessons everyday MTWTh.  Lessons are customized each day for each child with one-on-one instruction allowing for the maximum progress possible in the shortest amount of time. Movement skills like crawling, walking, and swimming are ingrained in a child's 'muscle memory' by repetition every day. From the beginning, swimmers are taught a strong foundational basis of buoyancy and breath control, proper stroke technique, and repeated corrected practice. Confidence comes with being prepared.You will be amazed with the progress of 8, 16, 24, & 32 lessons!

When will my child be ready for swim team?
We strongly recommend considering your child's swimming skill level before placing them on a competitive swim team. You will set your child up for success and your child will feel more confident if he/she is able to swim a full length of freestyle with side breathing and backstroke before joining a team.

Do we teach adults?
YES! A person can learn to swim at any age. We teach beginning and advanced private lessons based on individual needs.



Goggles: Your child will be using clear or lightly tinted goggles during lessons (we must be able to see their eyes). Swimmers feel more secure if they can see in their underwater environment. Just as important; swimmers need to learn to enjoy the water without goggles. Kay's All Swim School carries quality child & adult -size goggles for purchase.

Swim Pants: In order to prevent poop accidents in the pool all children are required to wear double-lined, snug-fitting, re-usable swim pants until their 4th birthday.  (Swim pants cannot be disposable, no snaps, no velco - only snug fitting elastic at waist & thighs). Children under 3 and those not potty-trained MUST wear 2 re-usable swim pants. THERE ARE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS. Swim pants are available for purchase at our facility.

Swim Caps: Caps are required. A cap will keep hair out of swimmer's face and secure goggles on their head. Caps are available for purchase at our facility.

Girls:  Tankini is perfect. One-piece swimsuit large enough for swimmer to stretch out comfortably -  cross or t-back
Boys:  Suit length to be above the knee.

Lotions/Oils: Kay's All Swim School is 100% UV protected. Please no lotions on your child, they will be too slippery to hold on to!

Inclement Weather:  We swim in all kinds of weather, except local lightning and severe rain storms (usually in July after 3:00 pm). Lessons may be delayed or cancelled. Since we cannot predict Mother Nature, lessons may be cancelled at lesson time with no advance notice. If your lesson is cancelled the cost will be credited toward another session of lessons.

No Make-Up Lessons: We are offering your child and education in swimming. Do your best to attend as many lessons as possible. We do not offer make-ups, refunds, or credits for missed lessons.  If you are going to miss a lesson, please let us know. If an instructor is absent, we will provide a substitute or postpone your lesson.

Photos/Video: For the Protection & Privacy of all swimmers, there is to be no photography or filming during lessons. Time will be allowed at the end of the last lesson of the session for a quick picture with the instructor. Please be respectful of those who may not want their swimmer photographed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Special needs:  DD Waiver accepted

We cannot emphasize how important it is to be open about any needs or expectations you might have for your child. Communication at lesson enrollment is critical. If you suspect, or your child has been diagnosed with behavioral, developmental, learning, medical, or mental disability or challenge please fill out and submit the special needs questionnaire along with registration. We encourage parents to reach out so we can develop a plan together that offers the best path to success and progession for your child. While we are not therapists nor do we offer Adapted Aquatic, we have instructors who are willing to individualize your swimmer's lesson. We would like to share our warm water, safe environment, and love of swimming. Special needs lessons are oriented toward putting swimmer at ease in the water, developing relationships, improving body coordination and skills, and most of all having fun!
If your child has received services from a:
Speech Therapist
Physical Therapist
Academic Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Please fill out the Special Needs Questionnaire. As a parent you understand children with Special Needs can be physically & mentally challenging. There is an upcharge in lessons. We limit how many Special Needs lessons an instructor can teach in a day. In our experience, the learn-to-swim environment is not suited to everyone. Therefore, participation in lessons for special needs students is solely at the discretion of Kay’s All Swim School staff, and classes are subject to the availability of the instructor.  An Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist specializing in Aquatic Therapy may better facilitate your child.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at anytime.
Schedules are subject to change.