"Thank you for a great season of swim and all your effort in providing children with quality lessons!" Your new friends, Safura & Asiya

"I want to let you know how good your instructor is with children. Her gentle, soothing approach got both of our kids through the first day, so by Tuesday both of them were beaming! I am grateful for the way she helped the kids." Bill

"Izzie has had something to look forward to each day. Everyone at Kay's All Swim School is so kind! Thank you!" The Kellys

You have made a water kid out of Jonah! He loves it! We went to Hawaii in January and he swam in the ocean with grace and power and beauty! Kelly

"Thank you for providing our family such amazing swim education! We are blessed to know you and your family." love, The Rashaps

"I would never consider going anywhere else because you look at the whole child." Kiley

"I've been a lifeguard and swim instructor. This is the most AMAZING program I've ever seen!"

"Thanks for all the great things you've done for the girls. It's 'above and beyond'. You and Kay's All Swim School are terrific!" Kerry

"Thank you for the great summer. Nara learned so much and had fun doing it. You are a wonderful teacher." Norm & Mabel

"My child accomplished more in 1 session at Kay's than a year at another program!"

"I had a wonderful time learning to swim at your school. It is a very friendly, comfortable place. Thank you so much." Warmest regards, Judy

"THANK YOU for a wonderful summer. It flew by and I looked forward to work every day. " Amy (instructor)

"Thank you for still being in existence!" Gloria

"We are all so very thankful for all you have done for the kids and us. Thank you so much! You are absolutely the best. Thank you!" The Howes Family

"About 20 years ago you taught my two boys to swim. Well, I have a new little one. He's 3 years old now. I've been taking him to lessons elsewhere and I'm having the same problem I had with the older boys that ultimately led me to you those many years ago. The water is too cold and my son can't focus when he's freezing! I look forward to getting back to you and your warm water!" Thank you, Denise

"We are so proud of Adam & Eryn Jade. They've improved lots and they like you and the classes sooooo much!" Randi

"Thank you for all your patience this summer with Jake. It's really paid off in his confidence in the pool and out! I admire you all for the ability to teach lifesaving skills in water to resistant and anxious children. WOW!!! That is so cool. You all are a neat group of people." Riki

"Thank you so much. As you said, we can't believe she is the same little girl who started in the pool with you. Thanks again." Mike, Marissa, & Keira

"Last summer I decided not to sign up Jennifer for lessons because the schedule was difficult. She ended up attending another program with a friend. I just want you to know that the experience made us appreciate your lessons all the more; your lessons were infinitely better. We'll make a real effort to get to your lessons this summer." Yours very truly, Nancy

I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for us this summer. Your patience and kindness has been so wonderful and has truly touched not only my daughter's heart, but mine as well. I am forever grateful for your generosity and love for my family!" love Amber

"It is people like you who make a big difference in the life of a child." love Cathy

"You are all the BEST! Thank you." Pareo family

"I just wanted to write you a short note to let you know how pleased I was with the kid's swimming!!! Its really hard to believe how much better they are, their refinement is great." love, Loretta

"Thank you so much for all the great things you have taught my kids. You are all so gentle and patient and I have seen tremendous progress in each of them!" Amber

"Just wanted to give you a 'sweet' thank you for the wonderful season of swim lessons. Aaron's gone from not wanting to be in the pool to not wanting to get out! Thanks for the wonderful facilities and your patient, caring instruction!" Haley, Jackie & Aaron

"Kay & Co - Thank you so much for all you do! Today Kay's tomorrow the Olympics!" love, The Wilsons

"Thank you all! What a great summer with all of you again!" Jackson & Chelsea

"We both want to express our appreciation for 'a job well done'. The children have all progressed at an amazing pace since we began swimming lessons last summer. Their fear of water has diminished drastically and their form and strokes have improved dramatically. Our thanks for your patience, words of encouragement and willingness to work with them and us in swimming lessons. We felt this was something they could use throughout their life and appreciate the extra effort you put forth in teaching them!" Richard & Brenda

Kay's always has the cleanest and warmest water. My mother brought me to Kay's as a child, and now I bring my children to Kay's every summer!

"Thank you for all the patience, time, thoughtfulness and especially caring that you always give us! There should be more people like you out there!" love, Kayley

"Thank you so much for all you do! I can't tell you how thrilled we are at Kaitlyn's progress this summer. It is all thanks to you, Amy, and Hannah and the love and dedication you put into their lessons." Markus, Kim, Kaitlyn & Deklyn

"What a blessing you have been to our sweet Ella. We are so amazed and thankful with the confidence you have given her over the past month. In the past she would refuse to unwrap her arms or legs from me when we would get in a pool. Now she spend hours wanting to dive down to find toys and practice going under to swim. Thank you for the joy you have given her and the love and patience you showed her!" Sam, Becky, and Ella

"Thank you for another wonderful summer of swim school. Both kiddos have developed significantly in their swim capabilities and in their relationships with your daughters. Our family has been blessed to come to know your family over the past 3 years. Thank you for providing such high quality swim education for our community!" Fondly, Krista

"We are very pleased with Sarah's progress with swimming this past spring and summer. Thank you so very much for your expert way of using the All-Swim method of teaching and for your patience and gentleness toward Sarah. We really do appreciate this. Thank you again." Joan

I can't imagine taking our children to another swim school. From the quality of instruction to the temperature and cleanliness of the pool, we feel so lucky to have Kay's!

"Thank you for such wonderful instruction!" Deedre & Maddison

"My children learned to swim at Kay's All Swim School. Its where I'm sending my grandchildren!"

"I want you to know, though, and perhaps, again, what a special experience it was for Joy and the babes and me to spend in your swimming lessons. Your calm, positive reinforcement (over and over), your in-depth knowledge - not only of swimming techniques but of learning procedure -your happy approach: all these add up to superb teaching. We loved it! Thanks for everything!" With Love, linndith

Our kids started swimming at Kay's before they were one year old. We always enjoyed the classes and interacting with her wonderful instructors - most (if not all) of which learned to swim at Kay's themselves!

"We wanted to tell you that Adam talks alot about you being proud of him. This is when he practices kicking or strokes at home or when he is in the pool. Basically, swimming accomplishments mean that Mom and Dad and Kay 'Be real proud!" We wanted you to know that you are a very important person in Adams' life! Thank you!!!" Bill

"The three of us just wanted to say thank you so much for teaching Taran how to swim. We are extremely happy we found you. You and your swim school are excellent and we enjoyed spending the summer there." Randy, Celine & Taran