Tuition and Registration

At Kay's All Swim School we teach strokes in a step-by-step progression, developing a proficient swimmer in all strokes.

Swimming is a continuing educational process; therefore consistency of lessons is crucial.

The more lessons a child swims, the greater the retention and the safer the swimmer.

In order to reserve lessons we recommend that you register as early as possible.

2018 Non-Refundable Registration Fee (per swimmer per year) $75.00
Water Babies - 8 x 20 minute Lessons $207.00
Private Lessons - 8 x 20 minute Lessons $376.00
Adult Private & Older Children Private - 8 x 40 minute Lessons $752.00
Warm Water Walk - 4 Week Session $160.00
Camp All Swim  or Stroke Tech -  per Friday $90.00
Special Needs Private Lessons - 8 x 20 minute Lessons $430.00
Goggles  - child & adult size  $20.00
Non-disposable Swim Pants $15.00
Swim Cap $10.00
Tax will be added to all fees.